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I had my first Angel Healing Session [remotely] with Jovhannah on Saturday, December 9, 2017. She explained to me how the process works and discussed how my body may react afterwards mentally and physically.

Let me tell you that I just relaxed while laying on the floor and felt like a burden was lifted off me. A few days prior and hours prior to the call I was thinking about some things that I have to do. The angels confirmed. Since that time I have been open about my needs and wants and not afraid to ask for them. I’ve even met someone. Out of the blue because I didn’t see it coming not via the DM.

Angels are Here to Help You

Be supported and comforted by the loving energy of Divine Archangels. Angelic Healing Sessions are clearing, cleansing, releasing, invigorating, refreshing, and healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Angelic Heart Healing Session can help with anything that you are struggling with, but focuses on dealing with heavy emotions and matters of the heart.

As a channel, I connect with the Angelic Realm and allow healing energy to flow through me which helps to boost your emotional and spiritual health.

Angelic Heart Healing Sessions Help You:

  • Give and Receive Love
  • Deal with issues around your relationships
  • Let go of the past and being present
  • Release negative energy and toxic emotions
  • Improve your relationships
  • Let go of unhealthy patterns

How Can You Benefit from an Angelic Healing Session?

You have an energetic body that can become blocked by emotions, thoughts, and negative energy. Angelic Healing sessions are a form of energy healing used to help remove blocks, allowing your energy to flow.

These sessions are filled with Divine Love and Compassion from the Angelic Realm. It’s like being wrapped in the arms of an angel.

Connecting with energy of the Angelic Realm provides a stream of pure love and light to radiate through your energetic, physical, and spiritual body. This session calls in the support and guidance of the 4 Watchtower Archangels, invokes the power of crystal healing with love and compassion.

Please note: This is a form of complementary medicine and should never be substituted for proper medical care

You can benefit from an Angelic Heart Healing session if you:

These sessions are perfect if you are dealing with adjusting to changes in your life, a broken heart, stress, anger, sadness, loss, grief, need to connect with yourself, need to forgive someone else or yourself, restore self-love, release negative thoughts, open your heart, and feel the power of love!

  • Need to open your heart.
    These session support you if your heart closed off to love..
  • Feel worried, stressed or overwhelmed
    Ease your worries and release stress during this energy healing session.
  • Struggle with forgiveness
    Invite compassion and love into your heart and mind, allowing the Angels to help you release resentment.
  • Have experienced hurt or trauma in your life
    Release the pain of the past and allow love and joy to flow through you freely
  • Are ready to release toxic connections
    Raise your vibrations and shift your energy to attract different people with positive energy in your life

If you are tired of crying, being angry, feeling unloved, undervalued, and want to experience inner peace, an Angelic Heart Healing Session is for you.

Restore Restore Loving Balance

Your heart is a powerful organ and energy center. It’s physical and spiritual heal are important for your overall well-being. Angelic Heart Healing sessions help to restore balance of love within you and creates a safe space for healing to take place.

Release Toxic Emotions

Often the hurt, pain, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions we feel are stored in our bodies. Working with the energy of Angels can help to release these pent-up emotions. Leaving you feeling lighter and peaceful.

About Your Spiritual Love Guru

’m Jovhannah, The Spiritual Love Healer! It is my sacred duty to support you when it comes to love, dating, and relationships and your life, so that you can heal your heart and truly open up to the love and life you desire and deserve.

As a channel, I connect with the Angelic Realm and allow healing energy to flow through me which helps to boost your emotional and spiritual health.

As a Healer, Master Life Coach and Intuitive Tarot Professional, you get the best of support and guidance with me! I help you understand and process the information that the cards reveal. It’s not about predicting the future, but providing guidance and shedding light on the energies impacting you and the steps you can take to manifest the outcome you desire.

I love, Love, LOVE working with these tools to help you make amazing changes in your love life and relationships, and if you are struggling with love and relationships, I am committed to getting you through it.

xo ~ Jovhannah

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