October 19

Homemade Baby Food


I received a Baby Bullet as a gift and was so thrilled. I want Savvi to have the best, and that includes food also. Preparing homemade baby food for her gives me peace of mind. It also fulfills me because it is something I wanted to do the first time around, with my oldest, that I wasn't able to do.

It is so simple!

I will steam hard fruits and veggies like sweet potatoes. That makes them smoother and easier to blend. Bananas I don't really blend I just mash it up with a spoon in her bowl.

So far I have made:

Sweet potatoes

I cut the food into smaller pieces and add to the cup, attach it to the base, and blend away. The food that she will eat that day or the next day goes into the storage jars and the rest I store in freezer bags. The grapes made grape juice with pulp. I let her try it and made a slushie with the rest.

Savvi loves mango, bananas, and sweet potato! I will probably blend the squash and zucchini in with other foods so that it gives her some flavor. My shopping list for homemade baby food usually contains:

• Red apple – 3
• Mango – 2
• Sweet potato – 2
• Bananas – 3

I can spend about $20 or less and make a bunch of food for her. I choose organic fruits and vegetables when I can. It feels good providing healthy food for my baby that's made with love (and my amazing Baby Bullet).

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