December 29

2020 Theme and Intention


I usually have my intention and theme for the year mapped out a lot sooner. This year I took my time and spent more time reflecting on 2019, and the past 10 years of my life. I looked at patterns, habits, stories, and themes that seemed to reoccur in my life and was intentional about shifting them and letting it all go.

When I think about 2019 the words that came up were ‘Head On Collision’. So much was brought into my awareness. Old parts of me were fighting to make it into a new decade, but they had to go, in love and peace, leaving me with the wisdom of the lessons they shared with me.

Initially, I chose the word alignment for my year, but that didn’t quite fit. As I reflected on my life and all that I have experienced, even the biggest hurts and challenges I experienced, I realized many of them happened because I wasn’t being loyal to myself. I didn’t trust my intuition. I believed in someone else rather than believing in me.

I put other people before me. People who I thought loved me and were my friends. I put jobs before me thinking they were safe and stable. I put fear in front of me stepping out and sharing the amazing intuitive and healing work that I do. I put other relationships before the relationship I have with myself. I put people's thoughts and opinions before my own. I put so many other things and people before myself and my needs and my dreams. Each time I was thrown off balance and out of alignment.

I refuse to be loyal to someone else’s trauma, drama, vision, opinion or anything else. The way my energy is set up I need ALL OF ME. Whole and Loving. Standing in the FULL POWER of who I AM.

It’s so easy to slip out of alignment when you lose focus. For 2020 I decided that loyalty would be my word, theme and intention.

This represents me being loyal to my divine assignment, to my family, myself, my goals, my clients, and things I deem important. I also want to attract people who are loyal into my life to grow and strengthen my circle. So, as an intention, I am also calling that into my life.

I have experienced enough to know that you cannot excel around people who aren’t trying to excel. I’ve had to process and heal a lot from my heart-center and am welcoming in love and healthy relationships in all ways.

In 2020 I am being loyal to me, myself, I and the vision that I have for my life, my family and my future. In 2020 I am betting on me. I am all in for ME. I will Ride and Thrive for ME.

The resonance of Loyalty feels good. It’s aligned with the direction that my life is heading in and I am so excited about all that 2020 has in store.

What is your word or theme for 2020?

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I'm Jovhannah, single mom of 2 girls. I live in Raleigh, NC I love tea, writing, and helping others. I'm a Spiritual Healer and Guide for Single Mothers, aka The Spiritual Love Healer. Think of me as your Fairy Godmother. Here to help you get your "Abundantly Ever After". So you can heal, grow and thrive in all areas of life, including love.



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