Understand Relationships as Energy!

If you are ready to release toxic relationships, habits and patterns that are preventing you from experiencing the love you deserve, this free guide will help you identify ways to make some changes.


“You have an amazing gift! You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed!

Jess L.

“A lover of life and a sharer of her amazing spiritual gifts. A trail blazer and a genius in her own right. Blown away by this once in a generation Talent.”

Demond A.

What’s Inside the Guide?

4 Relationship Types

Learn about the 4 types of relationships and identify how they apply to your dating history.

Double Standards

Love is a basic human need. Learn why it's okay to date. Yes! Even as a single Mother.

Manifesting Love

Understand how to release past relationships and patterns to attract meaningful relationships.

About The Spiritual Love Healer

Jovhannah Tisdale

Jovhannah is a Spiritual Love Guru, here to help you get your love life together. A survivor of abuse and trauma, she has fought her own battles against domestic violence, depression and is no stranger to struggles with love and relationships.

Jovhannah’s combination of personal experience and professional skills compelled her to create the Healing Single Mothers. Through healing and coachingshe takes you on a transformational journey of healing and growth through, programs, coaching, healing sessions, intuitive readings, and aromatherapy, all to incorporate a holistic approach to healing and change. 

Jovhannah is here to help you heal so that you can magnetize and manifest the love you desire and deserve!

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