June 27

Shifting & New Readings Coming Soon


Hello, peace and blessings.

I'm Jovhannah founder of the Spiritual Love Sanctuary. I am a Spiritual Healer and Teacher here to help you live abundantly ever after over the past couple of weeks, so much has shifted and changed. And in fact, I did a couple of different videos on it, but I wound up not posting any of the videos because it, I don't know, it just did not feel right to post them for some reason.

So hopefully this one goes up cause I've got some news to share.

I had kind of been talking about transitioning to healing, single mothers, and really focusing on that. And that aspect is kind of not changing, but I also know that the work that I'm doing has to come through a Spiritual Love, which is a principle that I was taught through my own healing journey and in dealing with healing, love and relationships.

And so, which is kind of why the Spiritual Love Sanctuary exists. So yeah, a lot has changed there. I want to get back to doing readings and because I do at this time, I want to continue focusing on supporting single mothers.

There are a couple of specific readings that I'm going to transition to doing.

One of them is an Intuitive Goddess Guidance reading the other, and that one is where we're gonna look at healing, self love, and which Goddess is guiding us for that month or that week, depending on how often I do the video.

Then I want to do a Heart Healing Reading which is going to be about exploring matters of the heart, looking at things from a spiritual perspective, and what you can do to really shift the energy and your love life and how to tune into the frequency of love.

Then we are gonna do a Sacred Mother Guidance reading, which is really amazing and something that I'm very proud of. This is all about connecting with the energy of the Divine Mother, so that we can all be more amazing moms.

I'm very excited about that and just exploring motherhood from that energetic, spiritual perspective and how to connect with your children and all of those amazing things.

Then I'm going to do a Spiritual Life Support Reading, where it's just kind of like a general reading focused on just personal growth, improving your life, finding inner peace and just really aligning with your highest good, tapping into your potential, and getting positive forward movement going in your life. So those are the readings that I'm going to be doing on my channel. And these are also offerings that are available.

If you want a private reading to really dive deeply into your specific situation because general readings are amazing. But when you get a personal reading that really digs into your energy, your life, your highest good, and your specific situation, it's a lot, it's a lot more powerful than just listening to different general readings and things like that. So keep that in mind and you can check them out over at spirituallovesanctuary.com/guidance.

So my thoughts were on healing single mothers, because I really wanted to do the healing single mothers show. I was very very much looking forward to that. But with things needing to be birthed through the Spiritual Love Sanctuary, I kind of sat with it and aligned with it and just thought about healing single mothers, the brand that I was building and the different social media and the show and the site, and the message that I got was it was time to let it all go and to focus specifically on the Spiritual Love Sanctuary.

So with that in mind I'm still really sitting with it, but I know it has to go and everything is going to be focused on Spiritual Love Sanctuary, which means I'm going to have new social media because I'm going to go away from normally I was using The Spiritual Love Healer as my social media, which is kind of like my personal social media.

So I'm going to maintain that, but I think it's really time for the Spiritual Love Sanctuary to be rooted because what is also coming is that I really need to focus on supporting Black women, Black mothers, especially Black, single mothers and really helping to bring forward healing because as mothers and the work that I seek to do, we can't do this work without talking about ancestral trauma and how to navigate in today's society, knowing how things are set up to work against us.

And I think it's very important to, and I think it's also beautiful because there's been an awakening, a call for Black spiritual leaders to, to show up and to serve.

I know so many other coaches and healers and practitioners are also like shifting their work. So it's definitely an alignment. And that's what I want the Spiritual Love Sanctuary to be.

Ultimately, I want it to be a place of spiritual healing, spiritual teaching, spiritual guidance to help restore the black family and the black community.

Eventually, I would love to work with men. I have had a few male clients in the past and that's been amazing. And also I want to do work with children. I've been dealing with a lot of anger issues from Savvi because of how things are between her father and I, and these are important things that we need to talk about and really diving into there.

There's just so much to, to explore and explain. And so it's kind of like a rebirth essentially of the work that I have been called to do. And I actually don't even think of it as a rebirth. I feel like this is everything that I've experienced and done and shifted. And all of that was so that I could get all of the, all of the energy, all of the knowledge, all of the skill that I needed to carry this thing forward. And one of my big dreams is to have a spiritual wellness center probably one here. And then I also cause my dream, even when I was little, I was like, I'm going to go live in Costa Rica. I'm going to retire and move to Costa Rica. So I definitely would love to have one and Costa Rica as well. So I have work to do I have a lot of work to do.

I'm very excited about this and extremely passionate about this. And I think that's why I was like, let me not just put something out there that this needs to feel right. And it needs to be aligned and on point. So I feel like that has been done. So basically here not a lot will change other than the types of readings that I'll be doing. More conversations I'm trying to gain clarity on the podcast cause I really, really want to do that. So I might kind of need to sit with that for a little bit and figure out how I'm going to move forward, because it's going to be a big part of the work that I do. It's going to be videos, conversations, podcasts, and things like that. So I also have a lot of work ahead of me shifting things, putting things back in order, creating new things.

Right now I am updating the Energy of Love course. It was formerly Four Energies of Love and I'm just adding in some additional content specifically for single mothers and how to navigate the different levels as it relates to co-parenting with children and all of that.

So anybody can probably benefit from it. But I wanted to add in that because right now I do want to focus on supporting single mothers and then branch out into a wider net of supporting others.

So thank you for listening and watching and subscribing. I am very excited and I do look forward to coming back with the first July weekly reading. I'm not sure which one I will do first.

I think it's going to be the intuitive Goddess Guidance Session. Yeah, that will be the first reading. So stay tuned and be sure to share this channel with your friend.

If she is a mom, she's a black woman. If she is a single mother, this is where she needs to be here at the Spiritual Love Sanctuary with me.



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